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How to drink like an American:

How to drink like an American:

Washington (CNN)There are few things Americans have both loved and fought about more than alcohol.

Despite being a nation founded by Puritans and that underwent a period of federal alcohol prohibition, this is a nation that has long enjoyed a stiff drink -- especially in the early days of the republic. Part of that history is now on display at a new exhibit at the U.S. National Archives in Washington.

In the first decades after gaining independence, Americans embraced a robust drinking culture: By 1830, our forefathers consumed more than seven gallons of pure alcohol per adult per year -- two and a half times as much as Americans drink today.

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{Booze and humans seemed to have evolved together. Beer has been around for thousands of years and many nations have contributed their favorite poison to the world's consumption of alcohol. The Japanese have their Saki, France their wines, The Scots their scotch, Canadians their rye whisky, Brits have their gin and beer and Germans their famed beers and white wines, the Russian and Poles their vodka, Mexico their tequila and Americans their bourbon. All are now consumed around the planet. The money spent on booze around the world must be astronomical.

Nations have become known for their drunkenness. Countries like Ireland and Russia are the butt of many jokes while some nations like the worlds most populous are never mention when people discuss booze. Does anyone know what China's national drink is? What about India?

North Americans like to head off for a drink or two after work while apparently the Japanese just continue their work day at the bars after work. No contracts are signed it seems unless everyone involved is pissed to the gills. They don't bother going home at night but just rent a little room similar to a large coffin and pass out for the night. What, where and how people drink in different nations must say something about the people who live there. What that is though I haven't a clue. What about you?}

"libido sciendi"..... the passion to know.
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