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The "time" of our lives?

The "time" of our lives?
My Dad likes to say when he was a youth going from 10 to 20 years of age took around 30 years while going from 50 to 60 years of age took about 3 years. Time it seems is "relative" and our concept of it often depends on which side of the tunnel of life we are looking at it from. When you are young times seems to unfold endless before you and when you are old you could almost reach out and touch the end of it. Time is how we measure our lives.

But what is it? physicists talk of space/time, entropy, the arrow of time and the history of time as if it is a real thing that we could almost hold in our hands but others insist time is a man made conceit invented to give our lives form and order. Is it one or the [sign in to see URL] both? Other animals on our planet react to time through instinct without the need to wrestle with what it is or means. They sleep during the day and hunt at night or the other way around. They don't sit around wondering how old the universe is or how many days do they likely have before something bigger and faster comes along and kills and eats them.

We on the other hand write poetry and novels about it. We study complicated scientific tomes on the subject while secretly wondering " What the hell is this time thing all about?" Some scientists have managed to "draw" time as you can see in the article at the link. If you can see it, it must [sign in to see URL]? Who knows? Its a complicated business. Time in some ways controls our lives but do we really understand it? What do you think "time" is? What kind of effect, if any, does it have on your life? Is it part of the universe or part of our minds? Both? what do you think?

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