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Things that go bump in the night?

Things that go bump in the night?

Restaurant says it saw a ghost on camera

An Iowa restaurant says it might have caught a ghost on camera. Affiliate KWWL reports on the spooky shadow.

See video at link.
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{People have been seeing "ghosts" for millenniums. Or so they say. There have been a lot of photos and video's of weird lights, shadows and unrecognizable moving images but any magician would likely tell you that the eye is the easiest of our senses to fool. Many folks claim to have seen ghosts but as far as I know there is no solid evidence available to back these claims up.

None the less some 45% of Americans say they believe in ghosts and 22% say the have seen or felt the presence of a ghost. The most common explanation of what a ghost is seems to be that they are dead people who have somehow returned for unknown reasons. They can be familiar or complete strangers. Some are friendly, some mischievous and some are evil.

Hundreds of movies and thousands of books are about "hauntings" of some sort and in some ways they have become part of our culture. They seem to be guaranteed money earners as people flock to see the lasted spooky film or to purchase the next "true" book about some unlucky families experiences with ghouls in the new house they just bought.

It is said that the great escape artist and debunker of spiritualism Harry Houdini was determined to return after his death and gave his wife Bess a secret password that no one else knew to prove it was him. After his death she held a séance every year on the anniversary of his death. It proved fruitless and eventually she gave up and told the press. "Harry has not return and I don't think he ever will." The secret password was "believe".

If there was definitive proof that ghosts actually exist and that they are the spirits of dead people it would certainly increase the changes that there is some form of life after death. This may be the driving force behind those who believe in them. [sign in to see URL] have never seen a ghost or felt the presence of one though I have seen strange shadows and heard unusual sounds occasionally. Who knows? What about you? Any ghostly experiences you would like to share? Do you believe in [sign in to see URL] not?}

"libido sciendi"..... the passion to know.
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