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Life in the city vs. life in the country?

Life in the city vs. life in the country?

Like many people I have spent the vast majority of my life in the city. Several cities as a matter of fact. By in large I have enjoyed them. They have offered many joys that I have taken full advantage of. Great art galleries and museums, wonderful opportunities to enjoy live music, opera and the ballet. Amazing cuisine from around the world, wonderful book stores and above all remarkable people who can change your life if you are lucky enough to meet them.

Large cities also offer up noise and air pollution. Weird people as well as friendly people and a certain amount of violence. Life there is an experiment in the unexpected.

I have never lived in the country as such and have spent little time in rural areas. However when we go on holidays we often rent a cabin or cottage somewhere in the wilderness with friends so we can fish and enjoy nature. We just came back from such a place. I'm an early riser and love to sit on a veranda with a blanket around me and listen to the birds and watch the squirrels and chipmunks scurry around as the sun comes up. I love the smell of the woods and the sound of the loons on the lake. The quiet and peacefulness of nature.

Do you prefer the city or the country? What do you love about where you live and what are the disadvantages? Would you rather live in the country if you could or is the city life for you? I would like to have both if I could arrange it. What about you?

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