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Ted Cruz: Just another GOP loser?

Ted Cruz: Just another GOP loser?

It seems from a quick glance on the internet that Ted Cruz was born on December 22, 1970 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Cruz's father, who was born in 1939 in Matanzas, Cuba and as a young man fought for Fidel Castro in the Cuban Revolution. He later regretted it and claimed he didn't know Castro was a Communist.

His son is a senator from Texas and a Insanitea party favorite so is probably politically as dead as a Dodo. None the less he remains popular with some right wing extremists and some of them would like to see him run for President. Others would like to see him run out of town.

He still has Canadian citizenship in spite of the fact he said he would soon renounce it. Most Canadians seem to hope he will eventually get around to it as they sure in hell don't want him back.

Like George W. bush he has impressive educational degrees from prestigious universities but has problems getting his thoughts together and utters some pretty dumb things. Bush the lesser received his degrees because of his dad's influence and money and perhaps Cruz earned his. He's not as stupid as Bush the lesser which may be his only claim to fame. Lets give him the benefit of a doubt.

He has however been described as a "conspiracy nut and rising star of the lunatic fringe, Ted Cruz makes Glenn Beck look like a moderate".

One thing is for certain and that is this man has no chance of ever being President of the United States. Come to think of it there is not one prominent Republican alive today that could be elected President. Why? Because todays GOP is more interested in tearing itself apart than in running the country. There is nobody out there extreme enough for the radicals, no one moderate enough for the moderates and no one smart enough for the general electorate. Todays Republicans are a circular firing squad. No survivors guaranteed.

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