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Rob Ford the musical:

Rob Ford the musical:

Rob Ford the Musical audition draws dozens of look-alikes:

They arrived in various states of blond, portly and pinstriped to the basement audition suites of the Second City training centre. At least 40 candidates for Toronto’s next top mayor, the fictional variety, auditioned for a role in the upcoming production Rob Ford the Musical: Birth of a Ford Nation, which is slated to have a two-week run in September.

The casting call attracted serious actors, neophytes, fans of the Rob Ford spectacle and even one man who briefly played a part in the ongoing, non-fiction version of the political drama as it began to play out last year. The musical involves a spiritual guide named Transgression that tries to show the chief magistrate the error of his ways — which include an admission to smoking crack cocaine and other substance abuse issues — but is based on facts, said writer Brett McCaig, describing the tale as Shakespearean, Dickensian and operatic.

During his audition, Dave Miller sang the Barenaked Ladies’ “Brian Wilson,” a song about the bloated and drug-addicted musician of Beach Boys fame. The judges seemed to like his professionalism. But they were also appreciative of Travis Hay’s slightly adjusted rendition of Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab,” delivered in Ford’s own nasally tones.

The audition drew interest from across the country. Geoff Stone took the train from Belleville, after shaving part of his head and dyeing the remaining hair blond, and improv comedian Matthew Garlick flew in from Vancouver.

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Rob Ford to return to work soon:
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{ I can see that a musical based on Toronto mayor Rob Ford and his shenanigans could be a big hit. The guy is larger than life in every way and has become a celebrity throughout North America thanks mostly to late night television which has had a ball with day to day coverage of the mayor's antics. I wouldn't be surprised to read that Ford himself auditioned to play himself in the play. For him there is no such thing as bad publicity. Apparently once he gets out of rehab he will start his campaign for re-election and people in the know claim he could well win a second term. Seems everybody loves a colorful mayor.}

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