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90 year man gets 4 years in jail for mercy killing of wife:

90 year man gets 4 years in jail for mercy killing of wife:

ELYRIA, Ohio – A judge has sentenced a 90-year-old Ohio man to four years in prison for killing his wife of 65 years.

Robert Shaw from the Cleveland suburb of Avon was originally charged with aggravated murder for smothering his 84-year-old wife, Virginia, in November 2008. He pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in June as part of a plea deal. Shaw's daughter thanked prosecutors and the Lorain County judge during a hearing Monday for how they treated their father.

Shaw's attorney had said his client killed his sick wife to end her suffering caused by medical problems. The attorney said Monday his client accepts responsibilities for his actions and is at peace with the sentence.

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{The real tragedy here is this 90 year old man who had been married to this woman for 65 years had to smother his sick 84 year old wife to put her out of her misery. What a horrible end to a long life together. Wouldn't it be so much more humane if her life had ended peacefully, surrounded by her family with the help of a doctor or with drugs supplied that the family could give her to speed up her passing?

Euthanasia is considered a crime in most places but for many families it is a visitation from an angel of peace. The difference is being forced to hide an act of releasing a loved one from agony and facing arrest, trial and possible imprisonment and dying with dignity surrounded by your loving family. There are all kinds of safe guards to prevent this from being abused and I see no reason for it not to be legalized in every state in the union. Isn't it time to give people the right to end their life when recovery is hopeless? Or should we have to go on shooting our loved ones in hospital rooms or smothering them with a pillow? What do you think?}

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