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Canada to send military advisers to Iraq to counter Isis:

Canada to send military advisers to Iraq to counter Isis:

Canada is preparing to send military advisers into Iraq to help in the fight against ISIS. As a meeting of NATO leaders convened in Britain, the organization is facing no shortage of crises and a challenge from two of its dominant partners to confront a virulent new form of Islamic extremism in the Middle East — a challenge that Canada [is]taking its own steps to address. The move is expected to be a Canadian initiative, not part of a wider NATO mission.

On Thursday, U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron called on the 28-member military alliance to deal with the emerging threat posed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. They also promised to protect the tiny Baltic states from possible Russian aggression.

"We meet here at a solemn moment for our alliance and the security of our nations," Cameron said at the opening of the summit, being held on a rolling golf resort in this sea-side Welsh community. "We meet at a crucial time in the history of our alliance. The world faces many dangerous and evolving threats and it is absolutely clear that NATO is as vital to our future as it has been in our past."

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{With two major threats, Isis terrorism and Russian expansion, facing the world NATO seems determined to become involved. The question that has to be asked is it merely sabre-rattling or is the organization prepared to go to war? Isis would not last long against a 26 nation fighting force determined to wipe it out but it would mean going after them in Syria as well as Iraq and that could have unpredictable consequences. Stopping Russia in her tracks is far more dangerous. She may not be a super power anymore but she is a nuclear state with a still powerful military that Putin doesn't seem afraid to use. Some reports are saying Ukraine is about to ask for full NATO membership and if given that would guarantee NATO involvement.

Canada's decision to send military advisors to Iraq may be just the first of many NATO countries to do so. As well this could simply be the first step down a path that leads to a major war. We live in unpredictable and dangerous times where small decisions can have very large consequences. I have a feeling those consequences will not be long in coming. What do you think of it all?}

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