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Road Rage?

Road Rage?

SWAT team arrests suspect in road-rage killing of California mother:

A manhunt for a suspected killer who California police say gunned down an Oakland mother of four on a weekend grocery run ended Wednesday night 100 miles away when a SWAT team descended on a home near Sacramento and arrested a suspect, police said.

The suspect, identified by investigators as Carl Stephen Dubose, was nabbed in Elk Grove at about 5 p.m. Wednesday after agents surrounded a home there. Local reports said he had barricaded himself in the home before surrendering, while other accounts said he turned himself in without incident.

Dubose, 20, of Oakland, is accused of shooting Perla Avina, a 30-year-old mother of four, in the face as she sat in the passenger seat as her husband drove home from a Sunday trip to the supermarket. Avina’s husband, Luis Lopez Gallegos, told the Oakland Tribune that the suspect didn’t like the way he drove and fired shots into the couple’s car without provocation. Gallegos made it to their home, where he shouted to a neighbor to call for an ambulance, but Avina, a medical receptionist, died before help could arrive.

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{I would hazard a guess that most of us have seem some examples of road rage and perhaps even been the victim or perpetrator of such activity. I have seen some violent exchanges but thankfully none that were fatal. A few years back there was a case in a city close to where I live where a man stopped his car behind another car at a red light, got out, grabbed the women out of her car and threw her into a canal. It seems she had cut him off in traffic. The women was rescued and unharmed but what a frightening experience. The man was captured and jailed.

Once I had a person pull up beside me and a guy threw a paper cup of coffee at me because I had done something he didn't like. Lucky for me my window was up. I have yelled and screamed obscenities at drivers and tossed the bird at many of them in anger.

Why do we get so angry when driving our cars? I don't understand my own anger but have made an effort to not get mad and do something foolish while driving. Its simply too dangerous. Have you had any such experiences? Any idea why is road rage so common and the anger so severe? What do you think?}

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