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Thanks for "nothing":

Thanks for "nothing":

People have wrestled with the mystery of why the universe exists for thousands of years. Pretty much every ancient culture came up with its own creation story - most of them leaving the matter in the hands of the gods - and philosophers have written reams on the subject. But science has had little to say about this ultimate question.

However, in recent years a few physicists and cosmologists have started to tackle it. They point out that we now have an understanding of the history of the universe, and of the physical laws that describe how it works. That information, they say, should give us a clue about how and why the cosmos exists.

Their admittedly controversial answer is that the entire universe, from the fireball of the Big Bang to the star-studded cosmos we now inhabit, popped into existence from nothing at all. It had to happen, they say, because "nothing" is inherently unstable.

This idea may sound bizarre, or just another fanciful creation story. But the physicists argue that it follows naturally from science's two most powerful and successful theories: quantum mechanics and general relativity.

Here, then, is how everything could have come from nothing.

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{This is a great read. A simple and elegant explanation for how the universe and everything in it came to be. Perhaps the universe like life on earth came about because it had to. We know from quantum that things pop in and out of existence quite often. Where do they come from and where do they go?

Many theists of course will claim this is just an attempt to hide the fact that science hasn't a clue what is going on but its just the opposite. Science follows the evidence and the best theory no matter how outlandish it might seem. Its certainly no more implausible then some old breaded guy sitting in nothing creating space, time, the universe, all the stars and planets, man and women in six days and then go bowling or something on the seventh day. Thanks to "nothing" we may have "everything".}

"libido sciendi"..... the passion to know.
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