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Strange case:

Strange case:

family left corpse upstairs for six months expecting resurrection:

Peter Wald’s family truly believed he would rise from the dead. They believed it because they had prayed for it, every single day, while his corpse lay rotting for six months in an upstairs bedroom of their north-end Hamilton home. When neighbours asked about her husband, curious about the 52-year-old man’s seeming disappearance, Kaling Wald would tell them he was “in God’s hands now.”

On Monday, Kaling, 50, pleaded guilty to failing to notify police or the coroner that her husband had died due to a sickness that was not being treated by a doctor. It’s the first known case of its kind in Canada. The criminal charges originally laid in the case — neglect of duty regarding a dead body and offering an indignity to a body — were withdrawn and replaced with that single charge under the Coroner’s Act. Kaling had no ill intent, all agreed. As assistant Crown attorney Janet Booy put it, the devout Christian woman’s faith had “tainted and warped her better judgment.”

“We were trusting God . . . we thought, ‘OK, Lord, you know better,’ ” Kaling told the Hamilton Spectator after court Monday, with lawyer Peter Boushy by her side.

Peter Wald, 52, died “probably around March 20th” last year, according to the agreed statement of facts read out in court Monday. He’d suffered from diabetes and his left foot had become infected. But he had refused to go to the hospital and believed God would cure him. He went into a coma, she says, and days later she noticed his stomach bloating and signs of rigor mortis on his forehead. She then left him — his body covered with two blankets, his head with a toque — in the bed and padlocked the bedroom door.

Kaling sealed in the door and the vents with duct tape to protect her family from the smell of the cadaver. And then for six months, life went on and they prayed for their dead husband and father in the bed upstairs as they awaited his return.

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{This is a very unusual and sad case where religious extremism overtakes common sense. The man's life probably could have been saved had he went to the hospital but he refused to do so. The family seemed in agreement that God would cure him and when he inevitably died they firmly believed God would resurrect him.

These people became deluded in a sort of religious ecstasy that robbed them of any sense of reality. They lived in a fantasy world of their own making. They were not bad people and no punishment will be demanded by the prosecution. They simply didn't know what they were doing or that they were breaking any laws. It certainly shows that religious hysteria is still with us. Whether it be the Salam witch trials of the past or Isis beheadings in the present or a family keeping the cadaver of the father for six months waiting for god to bring him back to life. It just goes on and on and logic has no role to play in it.}

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