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Mars photos show signs of ancient life?

Mars photos show signs of ancient life?

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{Ancient bacterial life on mars has been debated for years. There are even theories that life began on Mars and was transported to earth on meteorites. They claim life flourished here and eventually died out on Mars. That would make us all "Martians". There are some very interesting photo's at the link that show the similarity between ancient formations on Mars and on earth. On earth they are life. On [sign in to see URL] knows?

Seems to me we have to bring some of these samples from Mars back to earth and study them. I would prefer it be done with machines only as it would be very risky for humans to pull it off. If life on earth originated on Mars I wonder how it would effect us philosophically, intellectually and religiously? How would it change our views of our place in the universe? To the best of my memory Mars is never mentioned in the Bible or any other holy book I am aware of. Seems to me there would be reason to seriously rethink a lot of accepted ideas if it turned out to be true that a "Martian genesis" explains life on earth. What do you think?}

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