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Is organic a scam?

Is organic a scam?

Branding Expert Bruce Turkel and Yum Bands Foudner Heather Thompson on Campbell’s organic soup line and labeling food as organic.

[url][sign in to see URL]

{Organic foods seem to be very popular in spite of how expensive they can be. Many people swear by them especially if they have small children or grandchildren. There's little doubt that some food additives are not good for you but what proof do we have that a lot of items labelled "organic" really meet the criteria for that description?

One of the super markets I shop at has an section just for organic vegetables. They are not bagged and there is simply a sign that says "Organic". How do we know this is true? I read that before a farmer can claim he grows organic vegetables he has to stop using chemical fertilizers for a couple of years. [sign in to see URL] if his neighbor is using chemicals on his fields? What's to stop the wind from blowing them onto the "organic fields"?

Watch the short video and tell us what you think? Do you buy organic and do you have any concerns about their true quality?}
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