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GOP circular firing squad?

GOP circular firing squad?

Conservative U.S. activists look warily at a 'squishy' Jeb Bush:

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. (Reuters) - Jeb Bush may have wealthy Republican donors backing him, but the former Florida governor will have to woo conservative activists wary of his moderate positions to win his party's 2016 nomination for president.

As a gathering of grassroots conservatives got under way on Thursday, Republican activists were enthusiastic about potential contenders like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

What about Bush?

"Nope. Too squishy," said Mike Potaski, 66, of Uxbridge, Massachusetts, said at the meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference, the annual speechathon and political rite taking place in Maryland near Washington, D.C.

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{You can always trust Republicans to be displeased with their own candidates for President even more than the opposition is. When they decide they don't want the top man for the job they get into a circle and start shooting. Inevitably the harm they do is to their own chances of getting a conservative elected POTUS.

The problem always seems the candidate is too moderate so they go for the radicals and the electorate doesn't want them. The circular firing squad again. They are terrified of RINO'S [Republican in name only] and insist on having a leader somewhat more to the right than Vlad the impaler. [sign in to see URL] comes unheard of non-entries like Scott Walker, the crazy as a bed bug Paul family and the increasingly weird brain Doctor. I can hear them now "Get in a circle and lock and load fellows!}

"libido sciendi"..... the passion to know.
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