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"Revenge porn" founder gets 18 years in slammer:

"Revenge porn" founder gets 18 years in slammer:

The owner of a now-offline "revenge porn" website based in California was sentenced Friday to 18 years in prison, the San Diego office of the state's attorney general said. Kevin Christopher Bollaert, 27, had been found guilty in February of six counts of extortion and 21 counts of identity theft. He faced a maximum of 23 years in prison.

Prosecutors said Bollaert created a website that allowed people to post explicit images of people without their permission. The site also posted personal information of the people in the pictures without their consent, Attorney General Kamala Harris said. The sexually explicit material, primarily of women, was routinely posted by angry former boyfriends and ex-husbands, authorities said. It contained their real names and links to their Facebook profiles.

Bollaert created a second website that solicited payments of $250 to $350 from people who wanted to have the photographs deleted. Bollaert made about $30,000 on that site, the attorney general's office said.

His defense attorney admitted her client made moral transgressions but wasn't legally responsible for the 10,170 photos submitted in the year the websites operated.

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{Seems to be this man was sentenced to 18 years in prison not for the $30,000 dollars he extorted on his second website but for the legal but moral offence of putting up the first website. If he was truly sentenced on the extortion charge wouldn't he be ordered to pay that money back and perhaps get six months in jail as punishment? I have no idea what the "identity theft" is all about? There is no doubt in my mind that many people were hurt by this mans actions but he didn't put up and photos or videos himself. He's a scumbag for sure but was he sentenced to 18 years for that or his crime? What do you think?}

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