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Sleep paralysis, Alien abduction and Exploding heads:

Sleep paralysis, Alien abduction and Exploding heads:

It’s strange, unpleasant and surprisingly common. Helen Thomson talks to a man whose head regularly ‘explodes’, and discovers how the condition might explain some unexpected experiences, perhaps even alien abductions.

“There’s this sudden crescendo of noise, then a profound and jarring explosion of sound, electrical fizzing and a bright flash in my vision, like someone has lit a spotlight in front of my face.”

That’s how Niels Nielsen describes what it’s like to live with “exploding head syndrome” – an unpleasant and sometimes terrifying sensation. Others describe it as like a bomb going off next to their head as they fall asleep. Sometimes it occurs just once in a lifetime, for others it happens multiple times a night.

The physician Silas Weir Mitchell first described the disorder in 1876.

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{All sorts of weird and not so wonderful things can happen to people just before they fall asleep. Sleep paralysis where you seem to be awake but you can't move. Strange beings standing in front of your bed staring at you. Alien abductions where your body seems to float upward into a strange flying craft where you are poked and prodded by unearthly beings. Even waking up with an horrible beast sitting on your chest, a male or female demons – incubi and succubi who would sometime force sexual intercourse.

Then there's exploding head [sign in to see URL] they may all be related. This may be a "unified theory" of things that go bump in the night. An explanation for some of the most common demons often terrorizing human beings. A very interesting read. What do you think of it all?}

"libido sciendi"..... the passion to know.
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