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The Jerusalem-Syndrome?

The Jerusalem-Syndrome?

Bizarre Syndrome Makes Visitors to Jerusalem Go Crazy:

As Christians and Jews around the world prepare to celebrate the holidays of Easter and Passover, many will flock to the city of Jerusalem. Since ancient times, the city has been a magnet for religious pilgrims from some of the world's largest faiths — namely, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. But for a small percentage of these visitors, their reverence of Jerusalem may become pathological — in other words, a visit to the city may trigger obsessive ideas or delusions.

Some psychiatrists have dubbed this condition "Jerusalem syndrome," and say it happens in people who have no prior history of mental illness. However, others dispute the diagnosis and say the condition is more likely part of a broader psychosis, and is not unique to Jerusalem

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{I imagine religious hysteria has been around since religion was invented. Its not hard to find examples of it even today. You can easily find video's on YouTube of Christians dancing around with snakes, speaking in tongues and collapsing on the floor when a preacher touches them. You can also see Muslims cutting their scalps with knives or beating their back with whips. All this frenzy in the name of their God.

It makes me wonder just how sane humans really are? It seem so easy to slip into religious delusions and drift into cults, sects and groups like the suicidal "Heaven's gate" where 39 members killed themselves to meet a waiting UFO hiding behind a comet or the 909 members of "Jonestown" that committed mass suicide and murder. Parents fear their children will fall into the hands of religious fanatics and they will never see them again. They often manifest a sort of "ecstasy" and you can see a persons eyes go crazy when they talk about it.

The big question of course is "why?" Why are we so quick to slip into these religious psychotic experiences? What is in people that makes many of us abandon reason and give ourselves over to religious hysteria? From the days of the witch trials in Salem to today Americans seem particularly vulnerable to this sort of mental disorder. What do you think of it all?}

"libido sciendi"..... the passion to know.
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